Easy, Accessible Storage

Accessible Self Storage at ezStorage

If your garage is overflowing with seasonal equipment and your basement is loaded with boxes and old furniture and other items, it might be time to consider additional storage. Maybe your business has nowhere to keep excess inventory and mounds of paperwork. Perhaps you need somewhere to keep your belongings just for a short time. Whatever your reason for needing additional storage, we strive to make self storage easy by offering many convenient self-storage locations filled with great amenities.

There are many reasons customers prefer the ease of accessible self-storage. From homeowners and renters to business owners and retailers, we designed our facilities to offer many advantages, including:

  • Large moving carts. Don’t worry about bringing a dolly. In addition to spacious elevators, we also provide large moving carts so you can easily transport heavy items as well as multiple items without having to make many trips back and forth from your car.
  • Spacious Elevators. Transporting your belonging has never been easier. Our elevators are built larger than the average sized elevator, so you can easily transport large items as well as a large number of items all at once. Our large moving carts roll easily into our spacious elevators with plenty of room to spare.
  • Drive up storage. If you prefer the convenience of drive up storage, we have that too! With drive up storage, you can pull your vehicle right up to your unit. Simply unload your belongings from your vehicle and place them directly into the unit. Plus, if you need to quickly access your unit, it’s simply a matter of driving right up to your unit.
  • Roll-up doors or swing doors. While the type of doors may not seem an important factor, it can certainly make all the difference when it comes to storage. The wrong type of door can make storing your items a frustrating process. Therefore at ezStorage, we have designed our facility to ultilize roll-up doors or swinging doors. Both type of doors have proved to make transporting your items easy and convenient by our own customers. Depending upon your size requirements, typically the choice is yours. Keep in mind, the larger unit sizes generally have easy to open roll up doors. 
  • Time saving. Whether it’s storing in our multi-level buildings or storing in one of our drive up units, with our accessible self storage features, you’ll save time unloading and loading. Each option is designed to require only a minimal time investment if you just need to add another box to your storage, or pick something up from inside.

At ezStorage, we pride ourselves in providing accessible storage. Not only do many of our facilities offer the benefit of being able to drive your vehicle right up to your storage unit, we also offer clean and well-kept facilities with the latest safety features. We maintain wide drive ways that allow all vehicles, even trucks, to maneuver easily to their unit. Additionally, we offer gated secure access around our facilities, security lighting and camera surveillance. At most of our facilities, a resident manager lives on-site to provide another layer of security.

If you’re not sure what type of accessible storage you may need, ezStorage has knowledgeable storage professionals that can assist you with your choices by answering any questions, including questions about packing and storing specific items. We can provide you with packing and storage tips as well as a quote on unit sizes.