How to Move and Store Living Room Furniture

Moving furniture efficiently and storing it the right way requires proper planning. If you pull the moving van up to your front door and just start piling items in on moving day at random, you will end up costing yourself time and money. It’s important to follow a moving day checklist and understand best practices for moving furniture and furniture storage. Through a series of three easy steps, the infographic below provides details on moving, packing and storing your living room couch, recliner, coffee table and bookcase. These tips could be similarly followed for other furniture throughout your home.

Moving Furniture Best Practices

It’s important to clean your couch, recliner and other furniture before packing those items and placing them in storage. We recommend using old sheets or blankets to cover and protect your couch during the move. Best practices also anticipate preparing space in your home for transporting your furniture in and out, which is also identified in our infographic. This valuable resource will also help you understand the next steps in moving furniture and furniture storage. Find out how to move furniture and how to store furniture in storage units the right way to make moving day a success before it even begins.

How to Move Living Room Furniture