Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units at ezStorage

There are many features that need to be decided upon when choosing a storage unit: location, price, security and what size storage unit. Deciding what you need to put in storage will determine the size and type of the storage unit that you will need. There are two types of storage units: non-climate controlled or climate-controlled. After choosing the storage facility that fits your storage needs, the next step is to choose the size and type of storage unit that you will need. Using a storage unit size guide will help you determine the right storage unit for your needs.


Climate Controlled Storage Units

What is Climate Control Storage?

Climate-controlled self storage units are temperature controlled and the industry standard is to typically keep the temperature range between 50 and 85 degrees.

Do I Need Climate Control Storage Units?

Many of your belongings can tolerate fluctuating temperatures but certain items may require a more controlled environment.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

When choosing a storage unit, always consult with a storage manager to determine whether or not you’ll need a climate controlled storage unit.  It is important to know what will be stored and for how long. If you plan on only storing for a couple of months, then it might be more cost effective to rent a non-climate controlled unit. However, if you are planning on storing long term and expect with extreme temperature fluctuations, then renting a climate controlled storage unit should be considered depending upon what you are storing. Many belongings can tolerate fluctuating temperatures, but certain items may require a more controlled environment. Placing delicate belongings in a climate controlled storage environment may give you additional peace of mind. 

Climate Controlled Storage at ezStorage

ezStorage offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ in both climate controlled storage units and non-climate controlled units at most of our 45 self storage locations in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.